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  • Kick-off meeting

    Kick-off meeting

Seoul Agenda: Goals for the development of Arts Education

Visual art education in new times: Connecting Art with REal life issues (CARE) 

CARE is a transnational project that seeks to strengthen common attributes and objectives between local/national policies for visual arts education and European common goals for visual literacy as described within the key competence Cultural awareness and expression. Through the project, we seek to improve the competences of teachers, to promote visual competences, enhance their classes with real life situations, and promote transversal competences and inter-cultural values to their pupils. Simultaneously these activities will have an important impact on all participating and collaborating organizations, developing their way of teaching and research.

CARE is a European funded project by Erasmus+ (Key Action 2: Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices)

Start: 01-11-2019
Duration: 30 months
Programme: ERASMUS+
Project Reference: 2019-1-CY01-KA203-058258
Key Action: Cooperation for Innovation and the exchange of good practice

The coordinator is Dr Victoria Pavlou, Associate Professor, Visual Arts Education, Frederick University, Cyprus 

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